Abseiling & Snorkeling Tour – Chuck-Norkeling

Abseiling & snorkeling tour - Chuck-Norkeling

This abseiling and snorkeling tour is probably our most original idea

Named after the famous action hero of the 80s, this abseiling & snorkeling tour takes coastering to the next level! You’ll be able to do cliff jumping, abseiling & snorkeling in and out of caves, all on the same outing!On this adventure, we will head to the coast to try several abseil routes, one of which is 60 meters high! Take a deep breath, steel your nerves, and enjoy the view as you abseil down to the shore below. If you need some calm after the adrenaline rush, don’t worry. You’ll don some fins and a snorkel, and cool down with the fish while exploring caves, small canyons and hidden coves. And if you are brave enough, you’ll be jumping from a cliff too.

Besides the outdoor adventure, you can also taste the best delicacies in this area

Once we return to civilization, you are more than welcome to share a regional meal with us (cost not included). Some unusual sea food specialties will be available. All in a local authentic bistro.

Photo Friendly 6-7 Hours

- Dramatic coastal scenery - Private transportation - Several different abseil routes - Professional guide and instructor - Snorkel and peek at the underwater world


- 2 Professional climbing/diving instructors - Private transportation - Abseiling and snorkeling equipment - Refreshments & snacks - Insurances - IVA (service tax)


- We always check for optimal weather and tidal conditions before choosing a start time. - From the 1st of March until the 15th of January

Trip Itinerary


The pick-ups are free from and to lodging around Lagos.

Vicentine Coast National Park


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Abseiling & Snorkeling Tour


The Tour that Chuck Norris Would Do

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