Safe Tours

Enjoy safe tours with Volta do Mar - A "Clean & Safe" organization

The recent global lockdown made us adapt and update our procedures to guarantee your safety and health. Here’s what you can expect from our safe tours.

We follow strict safety and health procedures.

All of our guides are First Aid certified, and we disinfect our vehicles and gear before and after every session. We'll use and provide respiratory barriers and follow social distancing measures.

Volta do Mar operates under strict health and safety standards, and is a "Clean and Safe" establishment. We follow the protocols created by the Portuguese National Tourism Board, "Turismo de Portugal". All our guides are First Aid certified, and we clean and disinfect all the equipment used on our tours before and after. We'll also hand out disinfectant, masks and other safety gear to our staff and guests during our outings. Finally, we only book restaurants and other providers that follow the same "Clean and Safe" standards.

We run only private and small group tours.

You can book your own private tour or join a tiny group.

We always thrived for quality driven personal tours. Not much has changed here, since you can still easily book private outings, or join a limited size group tour. We will run our bicycle and cultural tours with a maximum of 6 participants. As for our rock climbing and extreme snorkeling sessions, we'll only take a maximum of 4 participants.

We stay away from busy and mass tourism sites. You can always count on secluded outdoor locations, big open spaces and small back roads.

Our outings take place in the outdoors and in secluded locations away from the crowds.

We love showcasing the hidden sides of our region. These can be a climbing cliff area by the ocean or countryside, a micro winery, a secret bay, or an open historical square in a small town.  We always avoid agglomerations, sharing moments at smaller, handpicked venues.

We only use our favorite small restaurants and hand-picked experiences that follow our safety procedures.

Enjoy authentic and safe local suppliers on all our tours.

You'll not be joining a queue at the most popular monuments: you'll be taken to the small gems that highlight the best of each region. We always work with local partners, from family-owned restaurants, local micro wineries, pottery artists and honey makers. They will proudly let you in on their local secrets - all of them follow the same "Clean and Safe" standards as we do.

We offer flexible bookings and postponement options.

Postpone your tour for free until 2 weeks before the start date, no questions asked.

At Volta do Mar, you can postpone your tour up to 15 days of its starting date, with no extra costs and no questions asked. That way, you can make sure you enjoy your tour whenever you feel safe to come on a trip with us.

We make your safety our priority, so we can all have a brilliant time doing what we love most – sharing significant moments. So, whenever you are ready, Volta do Mar is ready to host you.